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SPIN Journal:  il giornale multilingue dell'istituto


da marzo 2017 SPIN è un giornale on-line !!

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Spin is a multilingual scholastic journal, first printed in December 2011

We now publish regularly on our online website.


The articles are about internal school events and issues, but also local, national and international news depending on current affairs and the personal interests of the writers.


The newspaper gives students an opportunity to improve their written Italian, French, German, English and Chinese; but it also helps develop other skills involved in publishing articles, such as editing, layout, photography and art. Peer and teacher reviews guaranty quality articles.


All Spinelli students from elementary to high school are always more that welcome to join the Spin crew. Participating throughout the year is not compulsory but it is highly recommended to create a good working team and publish inspiring Spin articles.


As the activity gives credits, a regular attendance is advisable.

NEW !!

il giornalino della scuola MEDIA


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The great efforts and dedication of the team have

brought the journal to improve number after number…

Many people have been working behind the scenes of SPIN! writing, editing, coordinating supporting for the past years and everyone is to thank.”


Emily Sabet – former Spin! Journalist – Spin!10




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