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da vari anni la SIES A.Spinelli

partecipa con una delegazione di suoi studenti 

alle sezioni del EEYP

e ultimamente del EEY

A skilled debater presents his arguments in a clear, calm and effective way.”


The Friday afternoon debate course gives students the opportunity to become skilled debaters through events like EYP and MUN. Students also improve their socializing skills and create bridges between European and International schools.


The course is open to all high school students interested in debating. The course is mainly based on peer education, meaning the more experienced participants take on an active role in preparing the debate group for the many events available. Teambuilding activities and committee work develop cooperation through problem solving and conflict resolution. Research and public speaking skills improve written and oral English skills.


Furthermore by engaging with many different local, national and international schools, the course creates opportunities for students to meet people and make new friends.

Debating can also lead to fresh insights regarding university and job opportunities.


The debate course gives students, who actively participate throughout the year, a school credit.


SATTIVITA' A.S. 2018-2019



TOMUN 2018

SATTIVITA' anni precedenti



PEG/EYP 2017-2018





“The EYP encourages independent thinking and initiative in young people and facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills.”


Our school has been participating in this independent European educational project since 2012, when the Spinelli delegates won the Piacenza National Selections, thus taking part in the EYP Munich 2013 International Session.

Every year in fall the debating students take part in the preliminary national selection, meaning the participants collaborate in researching, examining and writing a resolution on a specific current European or International issue. By passing the preliminary selection, students are selected to represent the school in the national sessions. Further selection allows winners to attend the prestigious international EYP events, ‘one of the largest European platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, European civic education and the exchange of ideas among young people in Europe’.


The aim is to take full advantage of this opportunity and allow as many students as possible to actively participate in both the national and international sessions offered, and potentially become active EYP volunteers.




United Nations

“Anyone can participate in Model U.N., so long as they have the ambition to learn something new, and to work with people to try and make a difference in the world.”


Most Spinelli debaters have been taking part in the yearly TOMUN Conference since it was founded by the International School of Turin in 2012. Since 2014 the conference is held at the International Training Centre of the ILO, becoming a two-day event.


Each student involved, by representing a country, becomes an ambassador to the United Nations, creating the opportunity to research countries and investigate current international issues. The Conferences improve not only students’ public-speaking skills, but engages the delegates in conflict resolution. Furthermore being a simulation of the of the UN General Assembly, students learn about the United Nations and its procedures.


Our objective is to continue to embrace this event and actively collaborate with IST in giving students the chance to meet other internationally minded youth.



Erasmian European Youth Parliament

“The EEYP strives to be a project for students created by students whereby

the outcome accurately represents the concerns, hopes and ambitions

of the European youth.”


We have been participating in the Erasmian European Youth Parliament since Rotterdam 2009. This event allowed our school to organize and host EEYP-Torino 2010. Best delegate 2012 was awared to a second-year student form our school.


EEYP events give delegates the possibility of addressing and finding solutions to European city-related problems, further improving their cooperation skills, through committee work, and debating skills in the General Assembly. A highlight of the sessions is Meet the Boss: students meeting and discussing possible solutions with professional experts





“We are all here in Turin today with a goal: make our voices louder and our decisions, concerning the environment, concrete.”

Alberto Brero – Spinelli journalist for EEYP TIMES


In 2010 Torino was the European Youth Capital and among the many events sponsored by the city, EEYP Torino 2010 took place at Villa Gualino from 7-14 February.

In collaboration with the Comune di Torino, Regione Piemonte, MIUR and Erasmiaans Gymnasium of Rotterdam our school organized this very successful youth event.


More than 200 students from 16 different countries were involved as organizers, journalists, delegates, chairs and presidium. Approximately 50 Spinelli students actively took part in the organization and  success of the event, which created many long-lasting ties with both the Italian and European students and schools who enthusiastically took part. While the Spinelli theatre group put on an evening performance of ‘The Life of Altiero Spinelli’ for all the delegates and teachers.


Other highlights of the event were the many fieldtrips to local daily life city-realities, such as visiting the disabled basketball team, horseback police, Amiat, or Envipark; the EEYP Torino Meet the Boss session with special guests:  Giovanna Pentenero, Marta Levi, Tiziana Nasi and the city mayor, Sergio Chiamparino, as guest speaker at the Closing Ceremony.

More Events


Festa dell'Europa 2014

8/9 maggio


“The Union that we are proposing is a mosaic of all the European traditions.”

  • Spinelli student


During the school’s European Day Events in May 2014, the students of the course chaired a debating session in Italian for the first and second-year students on the different European scholastic systems and the advantages and disadvantages of merging into one European school system. Opinions can be found on Spin! Extra Europe Day.




Debav 2013


“It is an excellent opportunity to enhance one’s understanding of global human rights issues and above all to become active against the abuse of human rights.”

Bavarian International School


Five Spinelli delegates, arriving second at the VI Lignano Regional Selections 2013, won a debating competition weekend at the Bavarian International School near Munich. The students gained experience in the british debating system and further improved their English language skills.

The event was held at the school itself, giving the Spinelli guests the opportunity to experience student life in an international school setting.


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